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  • Fallen Hero Marine Cpl. Keaton Coffey
  • Honoring Veterans
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  • Tribute to Honor
  • Tribute to Honor
  • Tribute to Honor
  • Tribute to Honor
  • Tribute to Honor
  • Tribute to Honor
  • Tribute to Honor

"THEY were there for us . . . Help us be there for THEM"

• Honoring their service and sacrifice at every event that we sponsor or promote

• Supporting the needs of these veterans and responders and the needs of their families

• Raising funds for them and other local organizations that are allied with our mission

What's Important to Us


    Some Gave All

    Tribute was started by five Portland Oregon police officers who were soon joined by local firefighters. Our first mission was to help all the affected first responders in New York who lost several of their fellow officers. After they were taken care of, we brought the organization back to Oregon to help local police and firefighter families.

    Families Go On

    We decided to expand our efforts to the whole community so we could help families, especially children.  Kids in military families, with at least one parent in active duty have the same pressures as their non-military connected peers, with some especiallly hard challenges added. We try to help them manage dealing with a fallen hero.


    Comfort for Vets

    What can be better than a living gift?  Tribute to Honor works to  facilitate events that raise funds to provide these wonderful pet companions to select veterans as an honor we can offer them by giving into their guardianship, a living, loyal, and loving friend.

    Keaton Coffey Project


    Living Memories

    Fallen heroes have shown us what real sacrifice looks like. There are memories that time does not erase. Forever does not make loss forgettable, only bearable. We can never forget their sacrifices. We can never stop working to help and uplift them and thank them in our humble way.

$25 donation per seat or $200 per table of 8. Please enter the amount to cover however many seats you want. Thank you!!

You are invited to join in! (503) 805-8818

Tribute to Honor is a 501(c)3 non-profit established in 2001 right after the 9/11 New York tragedy and expanded in 2017 to include US Military and their families.

Sponsors and Supporters Mean Everything!

Supporting Tribute to Honor and the Keaton Coffey Project by donating 5% of their revenue to this local charity.



Supported by Happy Valley Boot Camp who conducts regular fund-raising workouts in honor of USMC CPL Keaton Coffey. Check them out and join in to this way to honor a local Hero and feel the burn!